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What I learned from an EPIC loss.

I'm a Monday morning quarterback. No denial. Me, like many people have the ability to suddenly think we know more than Pete Carroll or Nick Saban and the coaches that have studied, game planned, and prepped for 20 hours a day. Any why??? Because I listened to Troy Aikman say how the Patriots were playing a Cover 2 and blitzing from the weak side??? I suddenly have the answers and should be the coach. Or how Pete Carroll should have run the ball with Marshawn Lynch near the goal-line?

Unlike many I'm not taking away football game-plan lessons from the latest Super Bowl that featured the largest comeback in Super Bowl history. I can tell I'm getting older and really into my job when I watch a football game and suddenly think, "you know how this could relate to insurance."

Which is exactly what I did as I watched the Falcon game plan unravel in the face of adversity.

What's the game plan?

The insurance game plan is simple; protect what is important to you.

I watched the Flacons come out and execute on offense like they had all year long, they were dominate. Great rushing attack and a passing game that includes up to 7 different receivers and a defense that was quick off the ball and young enough to play with confidence.

What's the adversity?

The urge to reduce your insurance coverage or skimp on coverages you don't think you need.

Tom Brady was off his game in the first half, rattled by the quickness of Atlanta. New England's defense has a standout secondary but was falling down and giving up big plays to the Falcons.

Then Bill Belichick's Patriots went into the locker room and regrouped. Came out and completely dominated the second half of the game by sticking with their proven quarterback.

Much like life you will have phases in life where your game-plan isn't working and you feel rattled by the quickness of life and feel like you can't catch a break, your water heater goes out or you have unexpected medical bills at the same time your teenage gets behind the wheel and drives up your auto insurance premiums.

People will ask to lower their coverage on their auto policy at the same time they are adding a teenage driver. But why? These times of adversity are not the time to audible out of the way you go about your insurance. Your game plan is to remain steady (protect those assets).

Much like the Atlanta Falcons got away from being a multi dimensional offense in the second half getting away from your insurance coverages that better protect your financial freedom can leave you with an epic loss.

The proven leadership of Tom Brady helped lead the New England Patriots to the Super Bowl. He knew the game plan and was able to audible to plays that Atlanta never saw coming.

You need to be able to answer life back with play calls it never saw coming. Hit a deer on Monday morning? Not a problem, I have comprehensive coverage on my vehicle with towing and rental reimbursement. Have a lighting strike hit your house? No problem, my personal belongs are replaceable from my home insurance policy. Or did you wake up to a basement full of water after last night's storm.

What should my insurance game plan be?

I suggest talking with an independent insurance agent to make sure your insurance game plan doesn't last just one half, it needs to last from opening kickoff to the final seconds. Sure, your coverage levels will need to be adjusted along the way. But don't just do it only the fly, over the phone with someone who doesn't know your needs. Talk with a proven agent at Clark Carroll Insurance Agency and don't worry about the Monday Morning Quarterbacks.

If someone if going to help you audible out of your insurance game plan be sure to check with Clark Carroll Insurance Agency.

Clark Carroll Insurance Agency provides insurance solutions around the area of Mt. Carroll, Lanark, Shannon, Milledgeville, Chadwick, Lake Carroll, Savanna, Thomson, Pearl City, and many more areas in Northwest Illinois. And even Iowa!

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