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What does a car dealer mean by full coverage insurance?

You've no doubt heard about the term
full-coverage.  You've heard it from your
car dealer, you've probably even seen it
on TV commercials. But the truth is what
is full coverage insurance full coverage insurance?
Full Coverage on your auto policy,  you see it all over the place your car dealership tells you,
your TV commercials are telling you
needing full coverage on your auto policy.
But what does that mean?  The truth is
full coverage is just a term that people
throw around it really has no meaning to it.
Typically when people say full
coverage what they mean is that your
policy includes collision coverage
meaning if you back into a pole or you
hit another vehicle your insurance is
gonna pay to repair your vehicle.  It also
means that your policy probably has
comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive
coverage or other than collision
coverage is going to cover your vehicle if
it has hail damage if you hit an animal
or if something falls on it, it even covers
your car if it's stolen or starts on
fire.  That commonly is what insurance
companies call full coverage even though
it's not an official term, but you can
also have other coverages such as rental
coverage towing and roadside assistance
and even loan coverage or gap coverage
if you lease your vehicle. If you need
help finding out what coverages might be
best for your auto policy give our
agency a call at 815-244-1570.
This is Derek from Clark Carroll Insurance Agency

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