Many of us work our entire lives to turn our house into our home. It is our mission to ensure that in the unfortunate event that something happens to your home, you are able to bounce back immediately because of the proper coverage you received from Clark Carroll Insurance Agency.  

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Key Home Insurance Policies & Coverage



Your Insurance Questions Answered


Property Insurance: 

Have you ever lost sleep wondering how your life would be impacted by a natural disaster or how you would ever replace your valuable belongings if you were to be burglarized or have your home blown away during a midnight tornado?


On top of helping you replace your home, a home insurance policy from your local Independent Insurance Agent will help you replace your personal belongings and cover additional living expenses while you are unable to live in your home.


Typical Home Insurance Coverage:  



Covers damage caused to the structure of your home.


Other Structure Coverage:

Provides coverage to structures that are not attached to your home, such as detached garage, yard shed, and fencing.


Personal Property:

Home Insurance coverage will provide coverage for your personal property  such as appliances, clothing, electronics, furniture.  Some items may not be covered, and some high dollar items should be scheduled personal property.  


Additional Living Expense:

Your policy will cover the additional expenses incurred by you, so that you can maintain your normal standard of living while you are displaced from your home.  


We will assist you in making sure your policy has all the proper features to protect you.  Whether you need to have:

If you need to have your personal watercraft covered we can make sure that you can sleep soundly by properly covering your home and belongings.  


While nothing can completely replace the memories you made in a home, a property insurance policy can help make sure you can start rebuilding your home and your life in a way that will make you feel whole again.  


Coverage from losses due to:

  • Fire & Lighting

  • Hail

  • Windstorms

  • Vandalism

  • Smoke

  • Freezing Conditions or Snow


Homeowners Liability Insurance:

Homeowners Liability provides coverage to protect you against lawsuits that take place from accidents to individuals on the property you own or have rented.

Accidents happen all the time and everyone is prone to them.  If someone where to make a claim against an accident you caused there could possibly be no stopping them from affecting your personal finances, your house, or any other belonging you own.  


Personal Liability:

This coverage provides coverage for legal defenses in lawsuits. For more information see our Personal Liability section. 


Medical Expense:

Medical expenses incurred by others on your property are covered regardless of fault.  

As a property owner you could be held responsible for injuries that happen on our property.  Events caused by poor lighting, flooring hazards, or falls resulting from snow or ice could cost you.  The claimant has the ability to come back on you for large medical bills, court costs and even lost wages.  


The liability portion of your homeowner policy will work to help you:

  • Pay claims for property damage.

  • Pay claims for injuries to others (both on and off your premises).

  • Liability defense costs.

  • Medical expenses for injuries to others.  

Having the correct amount of liability insurance is vital and usually will not break the bank to have the correct amount.  In some instances increasing from $100,000 to $500,000 will run less than $30 per year.  


Renters Insurance

Not everyone needs all the coverage that comes from a homeowners policy.  The perfect example of this is someone who rents an apartment or a house.  These individuals do not own the property where they reside and therefore do no need to insure the building.  


However, these individuals still need coverage for their personal belongings in the event of a fire, break-in, or tornado.It's unlikely your landlord will pay to replace your belongings in the event of a loss making renters insurance extremely important.  Even if your renting is temporary, it is still a good idea to have insurance, as disaster can strike at any time.  A renters policy acts very similar to a homeowners policy but the coverage on the dwelling (and other structures) has been removed.  


The renters policy provides coverage on the tenant's personal property and provides personal liability insurance and medical payments if your guests are injured.  A renters policy will cover furniture, clothes, electronics, and a small amount of jewelry.  If the tenant has a large amount of jewelry it is best to add that to the policy as Scheduled Personal Property.  Renters Insurance can be packaged with your Auto Insurance and the multi-policy discount can almost offset the cost of purchasing renters insurance! ​​​


Dwelling Fire Insurance:

Dwelling Fire Insurance is also known as a "Landlord Insurance Policy."


The dwelling fire policy will strip away the personal property coverage (furniture, electronics, decor, and clothing) from the policy.  This is because the personal property of the tenant is not the landlords and thus can not be insured by the landlord.  The personal property will be covered under a Renters Insurance policy that the tenant purchases. 


Landlords that provide furnished rental units will need to talk to our team at Clark Carroll Insurance Agency to make sure that any couches, artwork, lawn mower, or snow blower are covered.  


A Dwelling Fire policy will also provide a loss of income coverage if the building is damaged and unable to be rented for a period of time.  The policy also provides the landlord liability insurance and medical payments.

Vacant homes can have coverage provided on the dwelling by a Dwelling Fire Insurance policy.  This will cover the structure, but not any contents in the dwelling.  Homes that are on the market or homes that are being rehabbed could be examples of homes that would benefit from a dwelling fire policy where coverage is desired on the dwelling but not on the contents of a home.   


Condo Insurance:

Condo insurance provides coverage for your personal property and much more. For a few more dollars, you can elect to carry Full Value Personal Property which ensures that you are reimbursed full replacement value without regard for depreciation after a covered loss.

If you have upgraded cabinets or put in hardwood floors, condo building item coverage protects these investments. Be sure to consult your HOA agreement to determine what the Association policy covers and what you are responsible for.  If common areas are damaged, your condo association may levy assessments against all the owners to pay the deductible on their association policy.

Various limits of loss assessment coverage are available. Be sure to consult the HOA agreement to determine the potential for such assessments. Clark Carroll Insurance Agency can help you determine your coverage needs to make sure you’re properly covered. Call us at 815-244-1570 or online at


Protect yourself and your guests

Your condo insurance policy protects you and your family members against bodily injury and property damage liability claims and any litigation that may result subject to the limits you select. In addition, you can select medical payments coverage which will pay for medical expenses incurred by a visitor who is injured at your residence regardless of fault. Various limits are available.


Extra coverage doesn’t have to cost a lot

Many people supplement their condo insurance coverage with personal umbrella liability insurance for broader protection. If you have special valuable items such as jewelry, art, antiques or collectibles, ask about our Valuable Articles option which provides broader coverage and no deductible in the event of a covered loss.


Scheduled Personal Property Insurance:

Why do I need to schedule items on my home insurance?

Growing up I thought it would be crippling if even my least expensive toy were to be lost, stolen, or destroyed.  

While I still might take the loss of a prized possession pretty hard, I also know that I can insure certain items on my homeowners insurance policy as scheduled personal property and help ease the pain of the loss (assuming it was from a covered peril). Perhaps the most common example of this would be a wedding ring.  With the high price of gold a typical homeowner policy would not provide ample coverage for this type of item as the typical homeowner policy will only provide jewelry coverage of around $2,500.  

By putting a wedding ring on your homeowner policy as scheduled personal property you can insure the ring for the full value rather than just the minimal amount that is included in a homeowner policy (generally around $2,500).  


What kind of items would be beneficial to schedule on my Homeowners Insurance Policy?

Other items worth considering to schedule on your homeowner policy may include cameras, artwork, golf equipment, firearms, musical instruments, fine silverware, and collectibles as the typical homeowner policy may bot cover the full value of these items.  


If you have a concern over whether you need to add an item as scheduled personal property you should talk to one of our team members at Clark Carroll Insurance Agency and let us assist you in making sure you are properly protected.  


In Home Business Insurance:

Home based business insurance is becoming more and more important as new technology makes working from home easier and easier.  At home businesses are also gaining in popularity as a second stream of income or even a main income. With companies like LuLaRoe and other network marketing businesses, it is important to remember some of the risks you face.  


If you have an in home business the repercussions of not properly creating a home based business insurance policy could effect your liability insurance and property insurance coverage. 


Many home based business owners inaccurately assume that their homeowners insurance will cover them in the event of an accident, injury, or other loss.  


The likelihood of a claim being denied by your homeowners insurance policy if you are running a business in your basement, garage, or anywhere else in your home is very high.  The language in most homeowner policies is not intended to cover home based businesses.  


Things to Consider: 


-Many polices state that if you make over a certain dollar amount per year (generally around $2,000) your source of income is considered to be a business and not just a hobby.   


-The Incidental Business Endorsement on your homeowners policy is not designed for someone who is fixing lawn mowers in the garage or for a cosmetic sales person.  This endorsement is designed for a person who occasionally brings work from their office to their home.  Like an accountant during tax preparation 

time or a lawyer preparing to win a big case who work after dinner from home.  


-Even if your don't have customers or clients come to your home you still should have liability insurance.


For example, if you have deliveries made for your business to your residence and the deliveryman slips and falls, you likely will not have coverage.  Also if you go off premise to trade shows, make a delivery, or meet a client you would not have off-premise liability. 


If you think you may need home-based insurance talk to us at Clark Carroll Insurance Agency.  

Other Coverages to Consider

The number of optional coverages available to homeowners is vast.  But here are a few we find helpful:

Who Should I talk to about my Illinois Homeowners Insurance? 

There are many additional coverage types that are available to safeguard your home and belongings, and it’s important to talk with a representative at Clark Carroll Insurance Agency who can help you find the right policy.

Clark Carroll Insurance Agency is your trusted representative for homeowners insurance. We provide coverages that are both flexible and affordable, and will work with you on an individual basis to provide you a policy that suits your needs. Our team is committed to providing the assurance that your family and your possessions are secure.


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