Farms come in all shapes and sizes, whether you are growing corn, raising cattle, or both it is important that you protect what your farm has and protect what your farm gives to your family.


We have built our reputation on helping farm owners protect their assets, which often times have been handed down from generation to generation.  It gives us great pride to see our customers succeed.  Your farm is your livelihood, and you can never be too cautious. Since an accident can happen when you least expect it, it’s important to be prepared when a potential problem arises.




If you are a farmer you might have some of the following questions.  What kind of insurance do I need for my farm?  How do I insure my farm semi and grain trailer?  How much crop insurance do I need?  What is the best wat to insure my farm equipment?  What kind of Insurance do I need on my livestock?

At Clark Carroll Insurance Agency we know that you work hard as a farmer, and we want to extend that same work ethic to you by keeping your farm and everything on it insured so you can get the most out of your assets. We offer a wide range of products to help you through dry summers and rainy springs.


By being proactive with a proper farm policy, your equipment, buildings, and even lost income can be covered in the event that an unforeseen circumstance disrupts your operations.

You've worked  tirelessly to build your farm into a business. Clark Carroll Insurance Agency will work just as hard to guarantee that your business will weather any storms on the horizon.

Clark Carroll Insurance Agency provides Farm Owner's Insurance solutions around the area of Mt. Carroll, Lanark, Shannon, Milledgeville, Chadwick, Lake Carroll, Savanna, Thomson, Pearl City, and many more areas in Northwest Illinois.