Many farmers have more equipment than they can often remember which makes insuring your equipment on a blanket a good option for some farmers.  


The benefits of a blanket insurance policy is that it can provide comprehensive coverage that a single policy might not be able to.


A single limit covers all eligible items, you do not have to increase the coverage when you want to add an item to coverage meaning newly acquired items are automatically covered (but you must maintain the coinsurance requirement set forth by your insurer).


It is important to reevaluate the level of blanket coverage on your policy as prices and values do not remain constant which can result in inadequacy of coverage.  If grain is insured for $3 a bushel and the price increases to $7, the insured would then not have enough insurance.  


Depending on the carrier certain items may not be eligible to be put on a blanket.  By scheduling higher valued items, tractor or combine, can help assure that you have the proper limits in place, and often lenders require items be scheduled rather than put on a blanket.  


A blanket can be a great way to provide coverage to your farm personal property, but always keep in mind that maintaining the proper co-insurance limits is vital to adequately providing proper coverage.  


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