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The liability coverage on a farm policy works very similar to the personal liability on a homeowners policy, but coverage is extended to provide liability coverage for normal farming operations.  


Just like with a homeowners policy your farm liability coverage will provide coverage to injuries to another person, medical payments associated with a third party's injury and damage to other people's property.  Your legal defense and payment of claims that you are found legally responsible would also be covered.  


Life on a farm is never dull and likewise the need for liability coverage is magnified for farm owners.  Whether it is a part time employee who is injured on the job, if you are hauling grain and lose control of the vehicle and cause an accident, or if some of your livestock escape and cause an accident or do damage to the neighbor's corn field.   


If you are in the agricultural business you are producing something for sale, whether it is livestock or grain.  These involve a great deal of risk, and while farmers partake in a great deal of risk management, a farm liability policy is perhaps as important as any.  It is also a good idea to purchase additional liability protection through a Farm Owners Umbrella Insurance policy.  


Clark Carroll Insurance Agency provides Farm Owner's Insurance solutions including farm liability around the area of Mt. Carroll, Lanark, Shannon, Milledgeville, Chadwick, Lake Carroll, Savanna, Thomson, Pearl City, and many more areas in Northwest Illinois.

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