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If you are a business owner then you know how important your truck, car, or van are to your operation.  Much like your personal vehicle, it is important to properly insure them in Illinois because it is the law.  


Commercial Auto Insurance covers your business vehicles and your employees in the event of an accident.  


Benefits of Commercial Auto Insurance:


If you are using your personal vehicle for commercial use you may not have the coverage you think you do.  You personal auto insurance policy limits its coverage to personal use and not business use.  To ensure your vehicle is protected, it's best to buy commercial vehicle insurance.  


Liability Coverage:

Commercial auto insurance provides you bodily injury and property damage.  In the event the another party takes you to court for damages, the insurance policy may help pay for your legal expenses up to the policy limits.  


Collision Coverage (Physical Damage):

Ever worry about what kind of costs you could rack up at the body shop if you or your teenage employee accidentally ran into another vehicle or backed into a cement pole in your new expensive work truck?  Collision coverage pays for damage caused to your vehicle in an automobile accident when you are "at fault."  Standard collision coverage will pay for any repairs up to the fair market value of your car.  By placing collision coverage on your auto policy you will only have to pay up to your deductible to make your car look like new again.



Carrying large amounts of inventory or tools in your vehicles does not come with out risk.  If you are robbed or vandalized if you have commercial vehicle insurance you can recover from the loss much easier. 


Employee/Passenger Protection:

If your employee gets injured while driving your business vehicle during working hours, your commercial auto insurance can come in handy and you can pay for his/her medical expenses. This insurance also implies for passengers traveling in business vehicle.


Having your vehicle(s) insured is simply the responsible thing to do. Auto insurance helps to reduce or cover property damage costs, replacement parts for your car as the result of an accident, medical expenses from injuries, road-side assistance, and  much more. Since policies vary with protection options, it’s important to talk to Clark Carroll Insurance Agency to create a policy that insures your needs.


Clark Carroll Insurance Agency provides Auto Insurance solutions around the area of Mt. Carroll, Lanark, Shannon, Milledgeville, Chadwick, Lake Carroll, Savanna, Thomson, Pearl City, and many more areas in Northwest Illinois.  And even Iowa!

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