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Homecoming & A New Favorite Pizza

The weather is really starting to change from the warm summer that we had. While the weather is nearly perfect fall weather it has been very cool the last few mornings. I suppose with the farmers hitting the field for harvest it is time for the temps to drop and in a few weeks the green in the leaves will begin to turn to orange and yellow. We have been trying to get every last drop we can out of our outdoor fun the last few weeks before the weather really starts to change.

Last Wednesday (Sept 21) we participated in the homecoming parade. We have done this the last couple years since we have moved back to Lanark. This year the weather was nearly perfect and the crowd reflected that. It seemed like every block had people standing shoulder to shoulder and in spots a couple people deep. The crowd was increased by the Lanark Chamber of Commerce cookout and the local boy scouts held a potato bar at the fire station. With so much going on it draws a very nice crowd to the downtown.

Our vehicle for the parade was our family side by side (SXS). It features our insurance agency banner hung up on some 2"X 2" boards. We then zip tie the boards to the SXS and drive slow so the wind resistance doesn't tear the banner. It is definitely not the most sophisticated float, but it gets the job done. Here is a shot of us in front of the SXS before the parade.

The kids both loved being in the parade. Beckett saw a lot of his friends from daycare and tried to throw candy to all of them! When I was dropping the kids off at daycare the next morning I heard one of the children telling a teacher how they saw Beckett in the parade. Beckett heard the child too and when I looked down at him he instantly smiled with pride. Meanwhile Brynleigh ate most the candy that was supposed to be thrown out. Bryn and Kayla rode in the back seats so I did not get a chance to see Bryn's expressions very much during the parade, but the couple of times I glanced back she seemed to be taking it all in, along with the Skittles.

You can't have a homecoming parade without a football game! So Friday night after dinner we walked up to the game with a couple of friends. This was both kids first high school game. Beckett has gone to a couple junior tackle games with me, but never a late night high school game. When we first sat down Beckett said he wanted to watch the game and not play, well...that lasted about 2 plays then he was off. Both children enjoyed themselves in different ways at the game. Beckett played with his friend by sliding down the hill and playing tackle football (the same things I did on the hills surrounding the field when I was young on Friday nights). While Brynleigh once again ate candy and popcorn. The wildcats won pretty handily and we ended up leaving with just a few minutes left in the third quarter as it was already after 10:00pm and old guys need their sleep. This year's team looks pretty solid and should have a good rest of the season.

Kayla tried to get a picture of the kids watching the game, but unfortunately I kept getting in the way of her. So this is the best of the bunch:

Saturday started off helping my Grandparents trim trees and some landscaping maintenance. We had my dad, brother, myself, and my grandpa so we made pretty quick work of it. I enjoyed the tree trimming and even managed to get a few descent pieces of wood for our fire pit. Then my grandma paid us with a delicious lunch!

After that I headed out to the annual Lanark Community Club golf outing. Since I joined the group I have been nominated (or told) to organize the golf outing the last three years. It is always a great time and terrible golf. After the golf we head back to the hall and have a pizza party. A special request was made from one member to order the Italian Beef with Giardiniera from Bella Polizzi's Pizza. I was skeptical but I think I ate a quarter of that pizza. It was really good! I strongly suggest it.

Sunday we went to church, washed and vacuumed our cars, and hauled dirt. We recently, along with our neighbors, leveled off our front yards to prevent water from running toward our houses. So this created a large pile of dirt. With all the dirt sitting there we decided to put it to use and fill in our landscaped areas that have eroded over time. Beckett played all day on the dirt pile and you would know it if you saw him later that day. He had dirt everywhere! He asks every night if he can go out there and play in the dirt.

The last thing I have to share is a picture I snapped of the kids while walking into daycare last week. Bryn usually has to walk in by herself and lately has had to do it while wearing her backpack. She was struggling to get going this morning and Beckett gave her a hand.

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