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What does Insurance Cover If A Tree Falls On My House? Will My Insurance Cover Me If My Tree Falls

It seems like the most common pictures after a wind, ice, or snow storm are of trees laying on a home. While tree are beautiful and provide many benefits, after a storm they can often times leave you with a large mess to clean up and questions of who pays for my neighbor's tree that landed on my house roof?

If my tree falls on my house does insurance cover it?

If a tree on your property falls on your house, garage, yard shed or any other structure on your property your home insurance will generally cover the damage and the clean up of the fallen tree. However, if you are determined to be negligent of not having proper maintenance on the tree you may not have coverage. It is important to make sure you keep limbs trimmed back off your house and if a tree is dead to have it addressed before it becomes an issue.

Does my neighbors insurance cover their trees if they land on my house?

In the event that your neighbors tree lands on your property and does damage to your house, your home insurance will be left to cover the damage and removal, not their home insurance. Wherever the fallen tree lands it is their responsibility to cover the clean up and damages.

Will my insurance cover my neighbor's property damage from my fallen tree?

If your tree was a healthy tree that blew over onto your neighbors property, their insurance will cover the damages. However, if you are found negligent in the care and maintenance of the tree the damages could come back on you.

Will insurance cover removal of trees that cause no damage?

It is possible that you have a tree fall over that doesn't damage your house or any other structure on your property. Generally, insurance does not cover the removal of trees that don't cause damage to your property. As an Independent Agent, we do have carriers that offer debris removal even if no property is damaged.

What should I do if I'm worried my neighbor's tree may fall on my house?

If you feel your neighbors tree may potentially cause damage to your house, it is best to always remain professional and courteous. You can start by talking with them and explaining your concerns. If would be a good idea to take pictures of the tree so that you have documentation of what the tree looked like prior to falling. Perhaps have someone come and inspect the tree, but be sure to do so from your property not your neighbor's property. It would also be beneficial to send a certified letter to your neighbor explaining your concerns that one or more of their trees may cause damage to your property and the course of action would like to see them take. Again, remember to be professional as you want to maintain good neighborly relations.

Who should I call after a tree falls on my house?

After a tree falls on your property you should call your agent to find out what you should do next. You may not be able to remove the tree, but take action to prevent further damage to your property. You can put a tarp over the roof to prevent water from entering the property.

You may even have contractors knock on your door wanting to help you with the removal and fixing the damage. Be sure to properly review the people you hire. Make sure they are reputable, have insurance, and local.

Clark Carroll Insurance Agency would love the opportunity to work with you on your home insurance. Feel free to contact us at 815-244-1570 or click the contact us button above.

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