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Is Rockford Mutual A Good Insurance Company?

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

There are nearly 6,000 insurance companies. All of them claiming to have the best service and great rates. Not surprising....

While each of these companies has a specialty that they focus on, the truth is that most consumers navigate toward the companies they know the best. The large national carriers who dominate TV, radio, and social media generally have the most sales.

But does that mean they are the best? No, they are just the best at getting your attention (which is great for them).

The truth is there are a lot of great insurance companies that don't spend billions on advertising. While you may not recognize their name, companies like ValChoice have been recognizing companies like Rockford Mutual Insurance Company for the value that they bring to consumers. Val Choice is a company that analyzes companies based on price, claim payments, and service.

They have recognized Rockford Mutual as a best value company for several years, and it's no surprise to Clark Carroll Insurance Agency, Inc.. Rockford Mutual has been offering great service on home and auto insurance, commercial insurance, and farm insurance since 1896 and been a staple in our office for decades.

Check out this video to find out what separates Rockford Mutual from the large national carriers and if you would be a good fit to get a quote from Rockford Mutual.

Rockford Mutual has really honed in on helping people with true Midwest values. chances are if you are a hard working business owner you will find that if your business type matches their risk appetite you will have a good chance of finding a competitive rate and that their coverage options match what you are looking for.

As a Midwest carrier, it makes sense for them to look at farm owners as an area to focus on. They have done a great job of making sure that their coverages match what modern farmers are looking for and at a premium that will help keep family farmers in business for years to come.

A carrier is only as good as their claims department. This is why our agency particularly enjoys working with Rockford Mutual. We know that we don't have to worry about making sure they follow up with our clients and this is demonstrated by their 97% claims satisfaction.

A lot of companies can claim to have the best value, but Rockford Mutual has been validated by Val Choice as truly offering the best value along with being validated by AM Best as a strong financial performer.

If you think Rockford Mutual would be a good fit for you, give Clark Carroll Insurance Agency a call and we can provide you a quote to show you how they have earned their recognition and why they have been in businesses since 1896.

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