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Does my Illinois Home Insurance Policy Cover Water damage from a failed Sump Pump?

Have you ever been laying in bed at
night and  you hear a loud bang of thunder?

You see the flash of lightning and then
you hear the rain hit your roof.

I instantly think, is my sump pump going to keep up if not how much water is going to be in my basement how big of a mess is
it going to be, and how much is it going to

cost to clean this up?  If you have water
backup or some pump failure insurance on

your policy you've got a lot less to
worry about.

What is water backup or sub pump failure insurance it's an
endorsement you can add on to a

homeowner's policy an income property
policy or even your renters policy and

it's gonna cover water the backs of your
home it might be that some pump that

fails on a stormy night or maybe a drain
clogged while you were on vacation and all of a

sudden you've got a bunch of water in
your basement or the simmering a septic

system may not be working quite right
and it may be clogged and have water

back up in your basement you can imagine
what a mess that would be. Anytime water

backs up into your home you've got three
maybe four or five inches of water in

your basement your water backup
endorsement is going to provide coverage

for the property damage and the cleanup
- that not typically found on a home

insurance policy so you have to make
sure that you endorse it on your home

insurance if you didn't ask your agent
about this coverage or your agent didn't

mention it to you there's a good chance
you may not have this coverage. You

definitely want to call them and speak
them about getting this coverage on your

policy especially if you've got a
finish basement.  I recommend talking to an

independent insurance agent to make sure
that you've had its coverage and they

can properly insured you can give Clark
Carroll insurance agents a fall at


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